3 New Baseline Inbounds Plays to Add to Your Playbook

Add a few new wrinkles to your basketball playbook this season by incorporating this trio of effective baseline inbounds plays. The following plays are designed to counter all kinds of defensive looks and give your squad an edge during key moments in basketball games.


Submitted by Joe Pitt, Union HS, Union, South Carolina

Set-up: Player 1 takes the ball out. 2 starts at the ballside low block. 5 is on the opposite low block. 4 is at the nearside elbow. 3 is at the opposite elbow.

Action: Player 2 pops out to the nearside corner to receive the pass. Player 1 steps in to set up a screen for 5 coming across the lane. If 5 isn’t open, look for 4 rolling down the lane on the backside of another pick by 1, this time a backscreen. Meanwhile, player 3 can also sprint to the top of the key as a safety valve for 2. Look for a little dump down pass to 4 in the lane for a high percentage look.

Three-Point or Two-Point Inbounds Play

Submitted by Jon Pye, Former Head Coach at Central Missouri State U, Warrensburg, MO

Set-up: Player 2 takes the ball out under the hoop. 5 is on the opposite low block. 1 is at the opposite elbow. 3 is at the near below. 4 is on the ballside wing.

The Action: Players 3 and 4 pick for 1. 5 sets a pick for 3 and then rolls to the hoop. After setting the pick for 1, 3 rolls to the hoop off of player 5’s pick. Player 4 is the safety valve. Player 2 now has four options:

Option 1: Pass to 1 beyond the three-point line.

Option 2: Pass to 5 rolling down the lane.

Option 3: Pass to 3 coming off 5’s pick.

Option 4: Pass to 4 as the safety valve.

Triangle vs. Man Defense

Submitted by Nelson Catalina, former HC at Arkansas State University

Set-up: Player 1 has the ball under the hoop. 2 is at the top of the key. 3 is at the free throw line. 5 is at the ballside low block. 4 is on the opposite low block.

Action: If player 3 doesn’t get the ball off the break, he/she should drift to the corner. Next, 4 delays and then goes to set a backpick for 5 using a screen the screener action. After this, both players roll back to the basket. If 4 and 5 are not open, 1 passes to 3 and then 3 passes to 2, who is sliding back ballside. Player 2 then begins to drive across the key to reverse the ball to 1, who sprints to the far corner.

Finish: Player 2 drives left and then drifts back right. 5 goes to set a backpick for 3. From there, player 3 V-cuts off this pick and looks for the ball on the ballside block/baseline area.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 70 Baseline and Under the Basket Inbounds Plays” produced by Winning Hoops. To check out more plays in the Winning Hoops collection, visit our basketball library.


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