New Mega Drills DVDs for Track & Field!

Learn a variety of drills for every athlete on your track & field team from a some top-level college coaches.  These Track & Field DVDs provide you with detailed explanation and expert demonstration. Check them all out below:

Mega Drills for the Discus

  • Over 45 basic to advanced drills that will keep your throwing practices fresh all season long
  • Get a comprehensive review of discus techniques with demonstrations from elite athletes
  • Train effectively with strength drills and plyometrics specifically for the discus
  • Learn drills to develop proper grip to promote stable flight of the discus

Mega Drills for the Horizontal Jumps

  • Over 40 drills for successful long and triple jumping
  • Achieve maximum velocity at takeoff for longer jumps
  • Add 6″ to 8″ to your jump by learning to land “active”

Mega Drills High Jump

  • Over 30 drills and progressions that will have your athletes soaring to new heights
  • Create a more consistent high jump approach–which leads to more successful jumps
  • Develop proper acceleration, running form, rhythm and posture throughout each step of the approach
  • Utilize a series of plyometric drills to create power and explosion in your jumps

Mega Drills for the Shot Put

  • Build an easy-to-teach drill progression to help athletes connect the various movements of both the glide and rotational shot put
  • Over 25 strength and form drills to build explosive power into your throwers
  • Create coaching cues to help your athletes understand position, balance, and feel within each key position

Purchase the Mega Drills for Track Series and save $20!

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