4 New Basketball DVDs – WAVA Offense, Post Player, Fast Break, and SAQ Instruction!

Take a look at four new Basketball DVDs which include WAVA Offense, Post Player, Fast Break, and SAQ Instruction. Learn a variety of basketball skills and tips to implement into your team.

Danny Manning: Building a Champion Post Player

  • Build presence in the post by teaching good footwork and techniques to get open on the block
  • Increase your players’ arsenal of moves and counters to beat any defense
  • Develop a court awareness that will allow you to score and create shots for your teammates
  • Learn how to aggressively defend in the post and own the space around the basket

The WAVA System

  • Learn the WAVA System – A simple continuity offense built on ball movement and screening
  • Learn to flow into the WAVA offense with five different entry sets to take advantage of different match ups or defensive sets
  • Organize your bench and substitution patterns to take advantage of uniquely crafted skill teams

Sharman White: Free Throw Line and Sideline Fast Break and Special Situations

  • Use free throw situations to create a fast break opportunities and score game-changing points
  • Get late game situations from the free throw line that will give your team a chance to win the game at the buzzer
  • Learn a press that forces opposing post players to handle the ball – especially if it makes them uncomfortable

Speed, Agility and Quickness for Basketball

  • Get a 12 week movement training progression that will prepare your players to become efficient and explosive
  • Learn techniques and training tips to teach your players how to move properly in a defensive stance, closeout, and sprinting position
  • Learn a variety of on-court and weight room drills to develop basketball speed, agility and quickness


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