New Basketball DVDs featuring Tara Vanderveer!

The Stanford women have been a dominating force in the NCAA since the mid 1980’s under legendary head coach Tara VanDerveer. In these two Basketball DVDs, you will see why the Cardinal have had so much success. From warm-ups to shell drills, Coach VanDerveer demonstrates over 25 of her favorite practice drills. Whether you are looking for a passing, shooting, ball handling, rebounding, offensive, or defensive drills, it’s all here.

Tara VanDerveer: 30 Practice Drills for Building Champions

  • Learn over 30 daily practice routines and drills that Coach Vanderveer has used to become one of the top women’s coaches in college basketball today
  • Learn how to build your offense while focusing on individual player development
  • Utilize partner drills to work on passing, closeouts, and pick-and-roll situations
  • Use breakdown drills to install various aspects of your offense


Tara VanDerveer: 30 Skill Development Drills for Building Champions

  • Includes an extensive post player workout that will incorporate every game aspect a post player needs to be successful
  • Discover a perimeter player workout that will develop your dribble penetration ability and teach you how to create space between you and your defender
  • Learn drills you can use to break down your offense and develop your entire team’s offensive skill set

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