Winning the Battle of the Boards: Two Practice-Tested Rebounding Drills to Implement Now

Spice up your practices this season by implementing this pair of proven rebounding drills. Between second chance opportunities, transitional basketball concepts, and strategies for controlling the boards defensively, these drills cover a ton of ground and are bound to become staples of your practice plan. Start by reading the drill synopsis provided before seeing each segment played out at full speed.

Transition Rebounding

Submitted by Paul Foringer, Quince Orchard HS, Gaithersburg, MD

The Set-up: This is a terrific drill that works on transition rebounding. Set up three lines of players on both ends of the court. The player in the middle starts the drill with the ball.

The Action: Start by weaving, passing, and cutting behind the other players. The player in middle line shoots a mid-range jumper after three passes down the court. The other two players block each other out at the basket and aggressively go after the rebound. Even if the shot is good, the players fight for the ball and play 1-on-1 under the basket. The player who gets the rebound goes to the middle line. The shooter goes to the line to the right. The losing player goes to the left line.

3-on-3 Rush Drill

Submitted by Steve Alfonso, Archbishop Rummel HS, Metairie, LA

Overview: This drill simulates both strong and weakside rebounding plus fundamentals of solid rebounding. Also, it puts emphasis on team play.

The Set-up: The three defenders (set up inside the three-point circle) must get three straight rebounds to get out of this drill. If the offense gets the rebound, the teams must play it out live and the defense goes back to zero.

The Action: The drill begins with coaches skipping the ball back and forth to each other. At this time, all defenders must jump to the pass. Eventually, a coach shoots the ball and all defenders must locate their assigned man and block him or her out.

The Finish: If the defense gets the rebound, they must kick it out to a coach and then get back in a defensive stance. The defense stays in until they get three rebounds in a row. The rotation goes like this: Offense to defense and defense to the end of the line.

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