Two Proven Set Plays Designed With Your Versatile Big Man in Mind

Take advantage of your frontcourt size through these highly effective set plays. Follow along with former Naismith Coach of the Year Kevin Boyle as he walks you through each play before his players simulate them live on the basketball court. Ideal to use against man and zone defenses, these plays will most certainly add an extra dimension offensively for your basketball team this season.

Overview of Action

These set plays are suitable for a number of different scenarios. However, the primary goal here is to get the ball inside to your big men and put them in situations to be successful. Typically, Coach Boyle and company will start by running the play in a half-court setting before sprinting back to cover imaginary opponents on defense. From there, a coach will shoot the basketball and the unit will quickly head out on the fast break.


“Power” is a great play for your big man to get a high percentage look at the basket. Start with your point guard up top and the rest of the players in a box formation at the elbows and low blocks. Get the big guys to start at opposite elbows.

The play begins with the point guard dribbling the ball to the wing. From here, the ballside elbow player comes down and screens for the low block player (on the same side). The low block player then flies straight up and catches the ball up top just above the three-point line.

Now the opposite elbow player screens down and the low block player comes up to the wing and receives the ball from up top. Meanwhile, the big guy who just screened immediately opens up on the block and opens to the ball with his hands up. The passer now cuts to the far corner and the opposite low block player comes up to the high post and receives the ball.

If the low block big guy isn’t open, he can swing the ball to the middle and then look for the lob over the top and an easy field goal chance.


Double Stack

For this play, get your players set up in a double stack on the blocks, with players 4 and 5 high and players 2 and 3 low. The 2 and 3 players start by cutting inside and then out to set up on the wings. The ball is then passed to the wing player. Meanwhile, the ballside big man will come up just above the elbow and set a screen (a la Karl Malone) for the point guard.

Depending on how the defense plays this, the point guard will run off this screen either inside or outside. If open, give your guard the rock for a shot or layup. If not, the point guard should continue to sprint out to the corner.

Next, the ball goes up top to the previous screener and now the big man down low pops out into the lane and looks to receive a pass. Make sure that you duck in for this to be effective. In other words, sit low and make contact. Get the ball to this player and give him an opportunity to score.

Notes: You can also make a quick swing pass to the opposite wing and then another pass to the post for a layup chance or lob. This is considered playing in a triangle with your teammates, a tactic frequently used by legendary coaches like Jerry Sloan and John Wooden.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Complete Package for Man & Zone Offense” featuring Kevin Boyle. To check out more videos highlighting man-to-man offense and drills, please visit our basketball library.


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