Behind the Scenes Oklahoma Basketball: Film Study and Fast Break Shootout

In the latest edition of All Access, we take you to Norman, Oklahoma for a behind-the-scenes look inside an Oklahoma women’s basketball practice. Watch as head coach Sherri Coale leads her players through a pre-practice film study session before the team hits the hardwood. After reviewing practice footage, follow along as the squad runs through a favorite transition drill called “Fast Break Shootout.”

Film Study

We begin in the film room as Coach Coale talks to her players about how it’s important to be able to switch gears from school to basketball. The conversation quickly evolves to areas of focus and why it’s important to understand that the breakdown of drills in practice impacts how the team plays. Asks Coach Coale, “Where is your focus?”

The film study hones in on a recent practice and places an emphasis on particular player habits, both good and bad. During a defensive drill that works on player movements based on ball positioning, the team is reminded about intensity, showing good hand targets, and maintaining good vision.

Eventually, the film session moves into fast break action, highlighting positive and negative aspects of the segment such as player indecisiveness, backwards passing, aggressiveness, and how to properly run the floor. Says Coach Coale, “Don’t throw common sense away when we are teaching something specific.”

Fast Break Shootout

In this 5-on-0 fast break drill, each player will shoot a layup. Drill participants must make each basket to get out of the drill. The drill begins as players pass the ball quickly down the court before one participant shoots a layup. The unit will cross on the baseline and then come back the other way. This will continue back and forth at least five times. Players should be getting in their lanes, running wide, and pushing the ball ahead.

Tips: Don’t get stuck on the order of shooting. Make it realistic. Also, as discussed earlier, don’t pass backwards, and go as fast as you can go from one end to the other. Look to inbound the ball each time and practice good habits.

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