World Class Techniques to Create More Scoring Chances!

Tom Borrelli has spent a large part of his 31-year coaching career developing and refining the Leg Slip technique. This is a proven method for defending leg riders and is a major reason for Borrelli’s 11 conference titles and 2010 MAC Coach of the Year Award.  This technique enables your athletes to wrestle for reversals and pins, not just escapes.

To defeat this technique, first, “bottom pummel” and “seal out” on the far side, the power half side (side opposite of the leg ride). Second, hip down and sit through to put the top man on his hip and scoot back into the top man. At this point, the top man will usually try to cross face the bottom man back to his belly and into the “Turk” position. Third, stay chest down in a tight ball. Fourth, attack the BOTTOM hand with both of your hands, straighten the arm out and then duck your head under his armpit. Fifth, kick over to a head post/Granby shrug. Sixth, to obtain the reversal from the head post, clear the inside elbow through and pop your head out.

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