Get an All Access Look Inside Some Great Basketball Programs!

In many of Championship Productions’ All Access videos, coaches work with teams who know their system from past seasons. In these unique Basketball DVDs, you will get an in-depth look at some highly successful college teams.  Use their tips to boost your program to the next level!

All Access SMU Practice

  • Use the Shell Drill to teach offensive AND defensive concepts such as stagger screens, double cuts, and back screens
  • Learn to use a line-formation to maintain a fast break attack versus a full court zone press
  • Watch how SMU practices their position work in a split session format
  • Features the 6th winningest coach in NBA history, Larry Brown

All Access Basketball Practice with Andy Toole

  • Break down drills and habits used to teach and master the rescreen offense
  • Learn ways to incorporate players making quick, good decisions in transition and on offense
  • Learn how to utilize the whole floor and break out drills to help teach your players how to defend different screening actions
  • See drills and techniques to make your practices competitive every day to challenge your players
  • Learn an offensive line series that gives you scoring options out of a 1-4 high set

All Access Basketball Practice with Ed Madec

  • See break down drills to help implement the dribble drive motion offense into your system of play
  • Create a special culture within your program that will take your team to another level of maturity on and off the court
  • Toughness drills that have made Coach Ed Madec famous on the basketball court for making his players play at a high level

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