Excellent Ways to Prevent Your Opponent from Scoring!

Finding success in the bottom position is crucial for championship wrestling. To help you build success on the mat, 2009 NWCA Coach of the Year, Tom Ryan teaches you drills to build proficiency from the bottom position.  See what great concepts you can learn from this video.

The first drill in this segment serves the purpose of developing the ability in the bottom wrestler to maintain a base. The top man will push and pull the bottom man for the duration of the drill. The bottom man must adjust his body in reaction to the pushing and pulling by his partner. The second drill begins with the bottom man flat on his belly. The bottom man works to keep his elbows in and wrists pointed out to avoid giving up wrist control while in the bottom, prone, position. To return to his base, slide the outside knee up toward the chest and then push backward over that knee. The bottom man will then return to the prone position and repeat for the duration of the drill. Both of the skills developed in these drills are essential in the bottom position.

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