Phenomenal Wrestling DVDs featuring an Olympic Coach!

Coaches sometimes struggle with heavyweight instruction. With Kerry McCoy’s help, coaching your heavyweights has been simplified. Kerry McCoy has been a premier heavyweight wrestler and coach in the United States since the early 90’s. Look at the four Wrestling DVDs Coach McCoy did with us:

Heavyweight Technique: Control Ties from the Feet

  • Learn to master three control the ties that are common in the upper weights of wrestling to dominate the position
  • Increase the effectiveness of your attacks by moving your opponent with these solid control ties
  • Learn hand fighting skills to clear opponent’s ties and score from the neutral position
  • Features 3x ACC Coach of the Year and 2x Olympian Kerry McCoy

Heavyweight Technique: Breakdowns, Pins and Escapes

  • Learn how to establish an edge on the mat whether on top or bottom
  • Teach three breakdowns that are effective for heavyweights that are great set-ups for turns and pins
  • Turn your opponent with tilts, arm bars, bottom leg cradles, leg Turks, and arm Turks
  • Features 2x NCAA National Champion and 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach Kerry McCoy

Signature Move Series: High Single Leg Takedown

  • Learn drills that help develop great footwork and speed to make you much more effective on your feet
  • Perform stance and motion drills as warm-ups and for conditioning
  • Implement a 3-man drill to condition your wrestlers
  • Features 2003 World Championships silver medalist Kerry McCoy


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