Competitive and Game-Like Baseball Drills for Your Team!

Two-time NJCAA National Champion Coach Marc Rardin presents daily drills that will require your players to be accountable for getting their jobs done. These drills will allow you to use every minute of practice to develop players in many different phases of the game. See what these new Baseball DVDs have to offer:

Game-Like Drills for Efficient Baseball Practice

  • Practice the little things that make a big difference between winning and losing ball games
  • Get the most out of your practices in the least amount of time
  • Use practice drills to simulate game-like situations and prepare your team for competition
  • These drills can be effectively execute with as few as 1 or 2 coaches

Locked In: Competitive Team Practice Drills

  • Get your team “locked in” on game situations with these four competitive practice drills
  • Keep all of your players engaged in practice while working on multiple aspects of the game simultaneously
  • Incorporate game-like pressure and performance demands into your drills
  • Combine base running drills and hitting drills into one competitive game that has specific focuses

Purchase the Championship Baseball Practice Drills Set and save $10!

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