Two More Game-Winning Plays to Add to Your Playbook

In this week’s Playbook Series, pick up a pair of game-winning quick hitters proven to be effective at the high school level. These special situation plays are perfect to use at the end of a quarter or for the final play of a game. Be sure to read each play summary before seeing them simulated live on the basketball floor.

Sideline Out of Bounds Game Winner

Submitted by Marlee Webb, Head Girls Coach, Chapin HS, El Paso, TX

Set-up: This play gives you several options in the closing seconds of a period. Start in a box formation, with 1 at the nearside low block, 4 on the far low block, 2 on the near elbow, and 5 and on far elbow. Player 3 has the ball on the sideline.

Action: Players 2 and 5 set down screens for 1 and 4. 1 curls around and receives the pass from 3 just above the three-point line. Player 4 then curls to the top of the key. 4 then sets a screen up top for 1, and 1 dribbles to the right side of the floor. Players 2 and 5 then set screens for 3, who is cutting to the far (ballside) corner.

Finish: Next, player 2 rolls out towards the wing. 1 now has several options: Take it to the hoop, hit 4 rolling to basket, hit 3 in the corner for a three-pointer, or pass across the court for an open jumper.


Hendersonville From 1-4 Set

Submitted by Rob Strong, Head Boys Coach, Hendersonville HS, Hendersonville, NC

Set-up: This play is great for a three-pointer at the end of the game. Start in a 1-4 set. 1 has the ball up top. 2 is on the left wing. 4 is on the left elbow. 5 is on the right elbow. 3 is on the right wing.

Action: Player 1 passes to 3 on the wing and cuts off a ballside screen made by 5 at the top of the key area. 5 steps out after the screen. 2 then sets a screen under the hoop for 1. 4 also sets a pick for 1 to use after 2’s initial screen.

Finish: From here, the ball is reversed from 3 to 5 to 1. If 1 is open, take the open shot. If not, 5 downscreens for player 2, who pops up to the top for an open shot.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 50 Game-Winning Last-Second Plays” by Winning Hoops. To check out more plays in the Winning Hoops series, click here.

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