New Softball DVDs from a World Class Softball Coach!

Develop all the areas of your softball team with 2x Big 12 Coach of the Year, Ehren Earleywine.  See how the University of Missouri has become such a successful team and use these same concepts to win more games in the upcoming season.  Check out the six Softball DVDs below:

Mechanics and Strategies for the Slap

  • Learn to slap the ball three different ways based on how the defense is playing
  • Learn to hold your bat four different ways so you can pick the grip that feels most comfortable
  • Learn how to get your hands and the bat on plane to become more successful at putting the ball in play

Softball Drills for Developing Slappers


  • Learn drills to help make your slapping more consistent
  • Get drills to strengthen your left hand to improve your slapping
  • Learn to slap the ball to the “5.5 hole” to create a longer throw for the defense
  • Get on plane with different types of pitches to be a consistent slapper

Complete Infield Mechanics for Softball


  • Improve your fielding percentage with this complete breakdown of infield mechanics
  • Learn to “get around” a ground ball, field a backhand, and field a forehand with proper footwork and throwing mechanics
  • Turn double plays from any position on the diamond
  • Ehren Earleywine’s Tiger defense ranked #9 nationally in fielding percentage in 2012

Softball Drills to Develop Complete Infielders


  • Utilize 12 different infield drill sets to get the most out of your infield practice time
  • Increase your fielders’ range, develop soft hands and perfect your short game defense
  • Ehren Earleywine’s Tiger defense ranked #9 nationally in fielding percentage in 2012

Softball Hitting Absolutes


  • Recognize the absolutes of hitting to develop a better swing
  • Learn to use a negative move followed by a positive move to maximize power
  • Learn to diagnose the problems with your hitters swing, correct them and make them better hitters
  • Increase your knowledge of swing mechanics and see live examples as well as video analysis

Hitting Drills for Every Phase of the Swing


  • Learn to analyze the softball swing with 10 key phases
  • Discover drills to teach and correct each key phase of the swing
  • Use drills to prepare your hitters for different types of pitching and pitches

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