A Pair of Effective Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball Practices

Pick up two competitive shooting drills from NBA coach Kelvin Sampson. These drills have been used in high school, college, and NBA practices alike and are particularly effective at the youth level as well. Add these shooting drills to your youth basketball practices to improve your players’ ability to score the basketball from anywhere on the floor.

Seven Point Drill

This is one of Coach Sampson’s favorite drills because you can compete against yourself. Each player starts with seven points. Players will start by shooting and if you make it, you are down to six points. Then you will sprint as hard as you can to sideline and then make a defensive slide back. Then catch it and shoot it again.

The goal here is to get to zero. Start by shooting from the elbows (just make sure you go to opposite elbows and sidelines each time). Players get 2 1/2 minutes to complete the drill and get to zero.

Cross, Change Direction, Pull up Jumper at the Elbow 

Here’s a great drill for players to work on multiple skills at once. Have players dribble down on one side of the court, make a crossover move, change direction with the dribble, and shoot a pull-up jumper at the elbow.

Make sure players get one foot in the paint on those pull-up jumpers. Also, get one side of shooters and one side of rebounders. Start by dribbling with the right hand and then make the crossover and dribble with the left.


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