Up-Tempo Lacrosse: Mini Game Series Featuring Tufts Men’s Lacrosse

The Tufts men’s lacrosse program is built upon its high-tempo attack and rapid-fire transition game. The “Mini Game Series” is just one of many different drills that the Jumbos rely on to prepare for game situations. Follow along with Tufts head coach Mike Daly as he breaks down the drill and analyzes the action on the field. Also one of the program’s favorite drills, the game series is easy to implement and will add a competitive edge to your practices.

Mini Game Series

The entire squad is broken up into eight teams that compete throughout the semester in 4-on-4 mini games. The field is shrunk and set up sideline to sideline. Play begins with a faceoff and after that, players are off to the races. Look to play 5, 7, or 10-minute games. It’s a continuous drill, so look to substitute players throughout to maintain that high level of intensity.

Why it’s effective: The drill emphasizes tempo, defensive ball handling, playing offense in game situations, among many others. This is also a terrific quick action drill that requires you to think on your feet, gives you a ton of possessions, and replicates game situations.

Tips: After goals are scored, the other team immediately gets the ball and goes right back into attack mode. Maintain a fast pace at all times. Also, keep the action 4-on-4 the entire time, like so many of your breaks in real games.

Check out another up-tempo lacrosse drill in the Tufts practice plan called the Add It Up Drill

The clips above can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD ”Transition Drills for Building an Up-Tempo Offense” with Mike Daly. To view more offensive videos in our lacrosse library, click here.

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