4 v 4 Lacrosse: How to Implement Effective Picks Up Top

Towson University lacrosse coach Tony Seaman considers the 4 v 4 set to be very effective for game planning. This formation enables coaches to be flexible with personnel and creates a variety of game-like situations. This week Coach Seaman demonstrates “Picks Up Top” via whiteboard diagrams and live simulations.

Picks Up Top – Whiteboard Overview

The Set-up: Start by putting two middies up top (players 1 and 2), one on the crease (player 3), and one behind (player 4). On this play, we  will pick from up top and learn how to execute it offensively and defensively.

The Action: Player 1 has the ball and throws across to 2. He then runs across and picks player 6 (or 2’s defender) so that 6 runs into the pick. Meanwhile, player 2 comes off the pick and gets an edge. He can now go in and shoot or has player 3 on the crease as an option. Also, he has player 4 coming across one side of the net or the other as an outlet.

Defensive Strategy: Defensively, it becomes important for player 5 to tell 6 that he is getting picked. Stress this to your players. Tell player 5 to step back so that 6 can come through. Also, upon pick recognition, player 6 can step out and force player 2 to go the opposite way and not down the alley.

On the Field

Coaching Point: It’s very important when setting the pick to make sure the picker gets down below where the defender wants to go so he can pick him off.

Check out three more picks plays with Tony Seaman, including picks behind and the pick and roll. 

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “The Best Drill in Lacrosse: 4 v 4” featuring Towson head coach Tony Seaman. For more videos featuring Coach Seaman and Towson lacrosse, click here.

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