New Football DVDs to Develop a Championship Program!

Jeff Steinberg, Santiago (CA) HS Head Coach, lays out a precision plan for building the ultimate football program where everyone is fully invested. As a coach, you want your program to be “the” place to be. These Football DVDs are a “template for success” spelling out the most important elements for your athletes and the community.

Attacking Defenses with the Spread & Shred Offense

  • Learn multiple families of run plays to supplement your offense
  • Get passing routes that will give your offense the ability to stretch the field vertically and horizontally
  • Use the screen game to stop fast penetrating defenses
  • Attack various defensive coverages with the naked and bootleg pass game
  • Learn simple rules to create an effective play action passing game

All In: Building a Great Football Program

  • Make the “big time” where you are!
  • Develop and sell your program’s vision and core values to players, staff, parents and fans
  • Set effective yearly, weekly, and daily goals for your student athletes
  • Learn how to include parents, school administration and community in your program

Practice and Game Planning for Friday Night Success

  • Develop an annual plan for your football program that will lead to success on game night
  • Use daily themes to reinforce attributes of your team without creating a specific period during practice
  • Gain an edge on your opponent by using your “time” more efficiently throughout the year

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