Two Competitive Fast Break Drills to Liven Up Your Practices

Check out this pair of competitive basketball drills that will help your team prepare for game-like transition situations. First read through the drill descriptions below and then watch the clips to see how each one should be carried out on the court.

3-on-2 Full Court Drill

Submitted by Dave Witzig, Normal Community HS, Normal, IL

Overview: This full court drill works on several different skills at the same time and is a terrific drill to do within the first 15 minutes of practice.

Drill Set-up: Divide your squad into two equal teams (let’s say Team A and Team B). One team should be positioned on the sideline while the other team should line up down court on the opposite side. Three offensive players from team A will line up at half court with the middle player holding the ball. Meanwhile, two players from team B will line up in the paint area (with one player at the foul line and the second down low) defending that hoop.

How It Works: At the whistle, team A attempts to score on team B in a 3-on-2 attacking situation. Also, a third player from team B stands on the sideline and waits for a coach to call out “Third Player In.” At that moment, the third player sprints in to help out and make it a 3-on-3 contest.

If the offense scores, they will get into a full-court press and double everything in the backcourt. Meanwhile, two new defenders from team A set up in the front court and they prepare to defend their basket. Team B now tries to break team A’s press. If team A steals the ball, they try to score again on their end.  If team B breaks the press, the pressing defenders from team A sprint off the court and go to sideline.

The Finish: After team B breaks the press, they will immediately take the ball down court and attack team A’s back two defenders in a 3-on-2 situation. The third team A defender sprints in to provide help on the coach’s call. Games are played up to 8 points with the losing team doing sprints or pushups. This is a fast-paced and competitive drill that your players will love.

Fast Break Turnover Drill

Submitted by Eric Musselman, Former Head Coach, Golden State Warriors, Oakland, CA

Overview: This is a tried and true drill for improving a player’s ability to change direction quickly when in transition during a turnover. It also helps with catching passes on the move and making fast break layups at full speed.

Drill Set-up: Player 2 has the ball under the basket while player 1 stands somewhere else on the floor (let’s say on the wing).

How it Works: Player 2 begins by passing to player 1 and then sprinting toward him/her before touching the ball. As soon as Player 2 touches the ball, he/she will turn and sprint back toward the basket.

As Player 2 is sprinting, 1 lobs the ball over 2’s head. Player 2 must gain control of the ball and get a layup while running at full speed. While player 2 is making the layup, player 1 runs to another spot on the floor. Player 2 then grabs the rebound, pivots, locates 1, and fires the ball to 1. Player 2 immediately sprints toward him/her and touches the ball.

The Finish: The drill repeats just like before at full speed until player 2 makes five layups in a row.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “25 Aggressive Transition & Conditioning Drills” produced by Winning Hoops. To check out more drills in the Winning Hoops collection, simply visit our basketball library.

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