Train Like an Olympic Gold Medalist in the 400M Dash!

Young runners often have trouble in terms of rhythm, positioning and strength, especially when starting a race. Dwayne Miller is a former Nike Coach of the Year, by USA Track & Field, and along with 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, LaShawn Merritt, will show you exercises using an Acceleration Ladder Stick Drill.

Sticks are placed on the track, starting with 3 feet between the first two sticks, then adding about 3 inches for each added stick (3’3 to 3’6 to 3’9 and so on). Coach Miller recommends the use of about 14 sticks. The purpose of the drill is to keep the runner low coming out of the start, and to develop rhythm and power coming out of the blocks. Concentrate on the use of the arms and create this strong rhythm.

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