Take Seconds Off the 400M Hurdles with Exceptional Drills!

After a general warm-up, specific drills for event groups can be added in. From the World Class 300/400 Hurdles DVD with Coach George Williams from St. Augustine University, and World Champion, Bershawn Williams, see demonstration of Coordination and Trail Leg Drills.


While this film is a hurdler instruction video, these drills can be used also by sprinters and distance runners to aid in flexibility and to strengthen the hip areas. Stress is placed on balance, form, and proper body position (upright and on the ball of the foot). Depending on the age, development and height of the athlete you can vary the height on the hurdle and even use age group hurdles if needed.

Check out an additional clip from the product page of “World Class 300/400 Hurdles.” See high quality Hurdles DVDs and other Track & Field DVDs from our huge video library!

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