Frustrate Your Next Opponent with Tougher Defensive Moves!

Central Michigan Head Coach, Tom Borrelli, has spent a large part of his 31-year coaching career developing and refining the Leg Slip technique. This is a proven method for defending leg riders and is a major reason for Borrelli’s 11 conference titles and 2010 MAC Coach of the Year Award.  See the detailed description and demonstration on the Leg Slip below.

Coach Borrelli begins the leg slip series from a short leg ride and a power half ride by the top man. The bottom man begins by raising the outside leg, or free leg. He then hips in or “swishers” his hips in an attempt to get the top man to fall off forward-the bottom man will come off his haunches as he swishers his hips. The bottom man should bow is back like a cat as he swishers and then immediately execute the swim. The swim is done by throwing the near arm across as the outside arm swims. The inside arm comes between the bodies as the hips drop back toward the haunches and the bottom man pops his head out for the reversal. This technique should be mastered before going into the other aspects of the leg slip series.

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