5 Quick-Fire Shooting Drills to Maximize Reps in Practice

In this week’s player development feature, pick up five efficient shooting drills designed to pay major dividends for your basketball team. Follow along with De La Salle (CA) head coach Frank Allocco as he walks through each drill before players go through live simulations. These drills focus on using proper fundamentals, getting maximum reps in a short period of time, and instilling confidence in each one of your players. 

Form Shooting

Consider This: It’s difficult for elite teams to put a player on the floor that can’t shoot. Every player must be a scorer and learn how to shoot the basketball. If you want to get quicker, shoot the ball better. If you can shoot, defenders must be able to extend out on you and now you have the edge.

How it Works: This is a drill that Coach Allocco does with his team every day. For form shooting, start with one-handed shots about five feet from the hoop. Stress perfection. Players should get their feet parallel and get air between the ball and their palm. Get yourself in a good stance and position and have your shoulders, knees, and toes lined up.

Tips and Variations: Take about four or five shots. The goal is to develop great form and technique. Extend that elbow and finish nice and high. Then move back a step and continue all the way to the three-point line. Form shooting stresses the importance of bending your knees when shooting. Remember that power comes from the legs and the extension of the elbow. This is also a great range finder.

Box Shooting

Teams can get just about every possible type of shot out of this drill. First, let’s work on the inside pivot. Get two lines under the hoop. The first player up will come up the lane, make a good pivot, start to lower his/her shoulder, turn the left foot in, catch the ball, and pull the leg right up into the shot around the free throw line. The pulling of the leg helps with momentum. You can also break up your team on opposite ends and do this competitively and keep score. The players take it a lot more seriously when there’s a consequence.

Lift Fakes and Dribble-Ins/Outs

Lift Fakes: Keep the same set-up as our previous drill. Now after catching the ball, players will make a lift fake before shooting the ball.

Dribble-Ins: Now, players will catch the ball, lift fake, turn their body sideways, make one dribble, and shoot.

Dribble-Outs: Finally, on dribble-outs, the passer must run an inside course or else players will collide. Shooters will get the ball, make an inside pivot, lift fake, step out, then turn and get momentum into the shot. Remember, pass and follow inside.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Frank Allocco: Developing the Complete High School Player.” To check out more videos focusing on team shooting, click here.


I teach my players that you have to own both. I think catching airbone and landing on “one beat” hop promotes a quicker release….but being able to plant the inside foot and perform a quick stop and pop while selling a drive is quick effective off the dribble. Having both is quite beneficial.

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