High Energy Warm Up Drills to Improve Fitness and Form!

Learn fast pace drills from Bond Shymansky, Marquette University Head Coach. Also, he is the 2011 Big East Coach of the Year. Developing young volleyball players requires quality reps and touches in a practice. On top of that, Coach Shymansky delivers the when, the why, and the strategy behind each drill. These drills will create a practice atmosphere that will increase your players’ volleyball IQ, tempo, ball touches and the competitiveness of your team.  

Above, you will see a great warm up drill called the Butterfly Drill Continuous. Make sure players communicate with one another and don’t get consumed with the difficulty of play in the drill. Always practice with a purpose and you will see excellent results!

Check out an additional clip from the product page of “AAU Coaching Girls Volleyball: High Energy, High Rep Practice Drills.” See high quality Bond Shymansky DVDs  and other Volleyball DVDs  from our huge video library!

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