The Latest Football DVDs on the Shotgun Double-Wing Offense!

During his 13 years of running the Double Wing Offense, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach, Tim Murphy has won three sectional titles, nine league championships and has been ranked in the Top 50 nationally.  Stay one step ahead of evolving defenses with these excellent new Football DVDs on the Shotgun Double Wing Offense!

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Essentials for Success

  • Expand your playbook and make your offense more effective without forcing your players to learn new plays
  • Stay one step ahead of evolving defenses with this hybrid of the double wing offense
  • Force the defense to stop an expanded passing game out of the double wing

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Power Run Game

  • Wear down the defense with the relentless pounding of the Double Wing Power Series
  • Disguise the Power Series using multiple formations
  • Control the clock while averaging 3-6 yards per play
  • Incorporate a shovel pass to take advantage of an over flowing defense

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Inside Run Game 

  • Implement the power of the trap vs. even and odd man fronts
  • Create a “1000 Pound Block” which is no match for short yardage defensive fronts
  • Force the defense to account for every running back so they cannot key any single back
  • Implement the trap pass series to keep defenses honest

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Outside Run Game

  • Control the perimeter of your opponent’s defense
  • Use the Trojan Series to flood the point of attack with offensive linemen and overwhelm any defensive scheme
  • Implement a false key to make the defense flow away from the point of attack

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: The Counter Series

  • Create the big play opportunities with the counter series
  • Simplify installation by keeping your blocking schemes the same while changing the backfield action
  • Run your counter game from spread formations as well as tight formations

Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Play Action Passing Game

  • Neutralize defenses that stack the box by becoming multi-dimensional
  • Learn how you can use your fullback as both a runner and receiver
  • Improve your intermediate, quick and deep passing game out of the double wing

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