Six New Basketball DVDs from Individual Skill Development Specialists!

The six Basketball DVDs featured here are from two world renown skill development specialists, Mike Procopio and Ganon Baker.  Procopio is the Director/President of Hoop Consultants and has worked with Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade.  Baker is a WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist.  Improve your player’s skills today with these great Basketball DVDs:

Multi-Position Workouts

  • Efficiently run your offensive workouts when you have groups of players who play multiple positions
  • Effectively train fundamentals like spacing, cutting, driving, shooting, footwork, screening, posting up and more
  • Create drills that emphasize a team concept where every player is an offensive threat

Building Your Half Court Offense with Shell Drills 

  • Use use the shell drill to teach your offense like you would use it to teach defense
  • Break down all scoring options for your players and make every player on the floor a scoring threat
  • Efficiently use practice time by working on multiple offensive concepts in each drill
  • Mike Procopio is Strategic Game Management Coach for Kobe Bryant

Offensive and Defensive Team Development Drills

  • Efficiently teach your offensive system using 3-on-3 break down drills
  • Learn 3-on-0 half court transition options that break down player movement with and without the basketball
  • Incorporate popular NBA sets Floppy and Zipper into your 3-on-0 offensive system that will increase your players scoring opportunities

Want all three of these world class DVDs? Then purchase the Individual and Team Development Series and save $15!

The Best of Ganon Baker: Elite Off-Season Workouts

  • Use a weeklong workout routine that will push your skill development to the highest level
  • Learn ways to build your skills regardless of your practice space
  • Discover innovative core strengthening exercises that will prepare your body for battle

The Best of Ganon Baker: Best Pro Scoring Moves

  • Learn killer offensive moves that All-Star NBA players use to score on the best defenders in the world
  • Learn a series of moves that Michael Jordan used to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time
  • Finish in the paint with a variety of moves from the NBA’s best players
  • Get effective breakdown drills to assist with learning these dominate offensive moves

The Best of Ganon Baker: Intermediate Off-Season Workouts

  • Get a week long workout session designed to challenge the beginner and intermediate player to improve their game and move to the next level
  • Discover the very best drills Ganon Baker has to offer for finishing, shooting, footwork, conditioning, and dribbling
  • Physically prepare for battle with an intense series of conditioning drills that will give you the edge over your opponents

Get all the basketball tips that the pros use when you purchase The Best of Ganon Baker 3-Pack and you will save $15!

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