Two Must-Have Plays to Boost Your Transition Offense

In the latest team development feature, pick up two highly valuable drills to help improve your squad’s overall transition game. With Sinclair (OH) head men’s basketball coach Jeff Price as your guide, you’ll learn how to utilize post entry passes and weakside curls to beat the defense while playing fast-paced basketball.

Post Entry Baseline Cut

Drill Overview: Start at half court with two players. The ball handler will first pass the ball to a coach and then sprint to the corner. The dribbler will then get the ball back in the corner and make a post entry to a teammate on the block. Next, the guard will sprint baseline and the post player will pass to him on the baseline during the cut. This must be a bounce pass.

Full Court: Now watch this drill (below) live in action going 5 on 0 from a free throw transition. As for a little wrinkle, throw in a skip pass to the baseline cutter. It’s essentially the same as before except now the guard will pass cross-court to the opposite wing for the baseline cut and layup.

Tips: For this drill, keep your bigs high on the block. Make sure that they stay high so they don’t come down and stop our baseline cut. It also gives them a chance to make a good post move and be a threat and not one dimensional.


Weakside Curl

Drill Overview: Now let’s incorporate our trailer. This is perfect for those situations when we want to go with the hot hand and we can use the trailer to get a good clean look on transition. The drill starts with a quick pass to the coach by the guard and then a down screen. The guard on the wing being screened for will then curl for the jumper.

Tips: Come off screen shoulder to shoulder. Also, be sure to open up after the screen. Good fundamentals are key here. Elevate in the lane as you are coming off screen to simulate game-type shots.


Weakside Curl with Free Throw Transition

We finish up with a full-court simulation starting with a typical free throw transition break.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Comprehensive Guide to Transition Offense” featuring Jeff Price. To check out more transition offense and fast break basketball videos, visit our basketball library.

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