3 Proven Offensive Sets to Produce Quick-Hitting Shots

In need of a few proven last-second sets for your playbook this season? Read on to learn about three highly-effective plays used by elite coaches at the high school and college levels.

Angle Box Set Quick Hitter

Submitted by Brad McGhee, Liberty High School, Mountain View, MO

Setup: Players are lined up in a box formation with 4 and 5 at the elbows and 2 and 3 on the low blocks. 1 has the ball at the top.

Action: Player 1 dribbles off a screen set by either 4 or 5. Player 5 then immediately screens down for 2, who comes off the screen and pops to the top. If 2 is open, 1 passes to 2 for an open three-point shot.

Options: If 2 is not open, 1 keeps the ball. After the screen by player 5, player 3 then screens across for 5, who cuts across the baseline/lane and sets up on the ballside block. Player 1 then looks for 5 on a post-up shot. If 5 isn’t open on the post-up, 3 comes to the top thanks to a double screen set by 2 and 4 just inside the free throw line area. 1 passes to 3 or looks to get the ball into 5 on the low block.

Quick Hitter Out of the Flex Set

Submitted by Gary Williams, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Setup: This play is run out of the flex set, with 2 and 3 down low on opposite blocks, 4 up high behind the three-point line near the wing, and 5 on the elbow and the same side as 3. 1 has the ball up top.

Action: Player 5 makes a V-cut toward basket and sets an on-ball screen for 1, who dribbles to the right side wing area. Players 5 and 1 run a pick and roll game on the right side, while 2 and 4 set staggered screens for 3 on the ballside low block and the weakside elbow. Player 3 will then cut hard along the baseline and up towards the weakside elbow.

Finish: If no shot is available on the pick and roll between 1 and 5, 1 quickly passes to 3 on weakside elbow for a quick jumper.


Submitted by Gary Barnes, Calhoun HS, Calhoun, GA

Setup: This is a simple set that Coach Barnes has had a ton of success with. Player 1 brings up the ball on the left side of the floor. Player 4 starts in the corner and on the same side as 1. 2 is in the opposite corner. Players 3 and 5 line up in the middle of the court, with 5 at the top of the key, and 3 just inside the three-point line (and both in a stack). Player 3 should be your best shooter.

Action: Player 1 dribbles off a double screen up at the top of the key set by 3 and 5. As 1 comes off the shoulder of player 5, 5 rolls to the hoop on the ball side. As player 5 establishes his position in the post, player 3 then makes an inside pivot and pops to the top of the key. 1 can look to hit player 3 for a three-point shot.

Options: At this point, 1 has four options coming off the ball screen. A) Drive and kick to player 2; B) Drive to basket for a score; C) Play a pick and roll game with player 5; or D) Pass to player 3 for a three-point shot.

Tips: Timing is the key. As 5 rolls, 3 must wait a half second before popping to the top. Most times, 3 will be open for that shot because player 3’s defender often gets caught playing help defense on the pick and roll between 1 and 5.

Coaches: Do you have a favorite quick hitter that has worked for your team?

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “”Over 50 Game-Winning Quick Hitters” produced by Winning Hoops. To pick up more plays for your playbook, head over to our basketball library by clicking here.

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