New AAU Coaching Wrestling DVD Series with Greg Strobel!

Hall of Fame Coach Greg Strobel is a leader in coaching education. In this video, Coach Strobel shares many insights from his illustrious career that will provide you with a foundation on which to plan your practices. His discussion covers a wide range of topics in these three new Wrestling DVDs:

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Planning for Developing Wrestlers 

  • Learn how to peak your wrestlers before competition and at the end of the season
  • Develop practice plans that are appropriate in length and intensity level for your team
  • Integrate a variety of warm-up, combat, and post combat workouts into your practices
  • Learn how to adjust the level of live combat in your practices as the season progresses

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Drills for Developing Wrestlers

  • Use drills to address the specific needs of individual wrestlers or your entire team
  • Implement scramble drills into your practice to improve confidence in match situations
  • Teach your wrestlers to be more detail-oriented with their drilling to fix specifics problems
  • Bring greater variety to your practices

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Strength Training for Developing Wrestlers 

  • Learn a comprehensive set of exercises for developing agility and power using an agility ladder, plyometric boxes, and a medicine ball
  • Develop speed and agility in both the hands and the feet
  • Learn how to combine both the agility ladder and plyometric exercises to develop both strength and strength endurance
  • Learn upper body core exercises with the medicine ball and by doing pushup variations

Purchase the AAU Coaching Wrestling Series and save $10!

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