Learn the Inside Trip from a former NCAA Champion!

Improve your wrestling form with former Purdue University Head Coach, Jessie Reyes.  He is also a NCAA D-I and D-II Champion and he will show you the proper way to execute an Inside Trip from an Under-hook to a snap down.  With experience as a coach and an athlete, Reyes, has all the knowledge you need to know to score more points in your future meets!

Here he stresses the proper technique in securing the head by scooping the chin and bringing your elbow into your side. Coach Reyes then shows how to circle to set up your Inside Trip. He emphasizes that you should always trip straight across. Coach Reyes then shows the proper form in taking the head out from your chest to execute the Inside Trip and how to finish the move. He states that your opponents head should be against his own knee and that the most important thing is securing the takedown.

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