Discover a “Secret” Move That Can Make You a Top Competitor!

For the first time ever Kevin Dresser presents the secrets to his legendary Dresser Dump – a move that helped him capture a national championship under Coach Dan Gable at the University of Iowa.  Current Virginia Tech Head Coach, Kevin Dresser, talks about how to get into a front headlock series.  See how this move can benefit you in your future meets.

Look at the two positions, (Chin & Pit and Double Overs), wrestlers need to know how to have a good front headlock series and how to properly execute the Dresser Dump. Coach Dresser also shows you how to secure a front headlock from snapping your opponent down to the mat. He then executes the Dresser Dump. Coach Dresser explains the finer points of the move and common mistakes made by wrestlers. He states that the Dresser Dump is a trick move that requires proper technique.

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