New Basketball DVDs featuring George Karl, Patrick Chambers and others!

Learn from elite basketball coaches such as George Karl, Denver Nuggets (NBA) Head Coach, and Patrick Chambers, Penn State University Head Coach.  You will get advice on defending the pick and roll, building a motion offense, and handling defensive pressure.  Use all of these aspects to build your team into a championship caliber program.  Look at all these Basketball DVDs have to offer:

George Karl: Offense, Practice and Team Philosophy

  • Develop an attacking mentality that will allow your players to be innovative with their talents
  • Plan practices and drills that will build the up-tempo, team oriented style of play.
  • Learn ways to incorporate your assistant coaches to help build a championship mentality
  • Discover the Denver Nugget philosophy on the fast break and Gap O offense

Team Defense Against the Mid and Side Pick and Roll

  • Discover defensive rotations and guarding techniques you can use to defense the side or mid pick and roll
  • Learn a side pick and roll defensive series you can use to trap or contain your opponent on the sideline
  • Learn a mid pick and roll defensive series that will force your opponent to use their weak hand – and then trap them!

Patrick Chambers: Building a 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense

  • Create space on offense for easier passes and open driving lanes
  • Learn to move and maintain spacing off of dribble penetration from different locations
  • Incorporate rip spots for post entry in the motion to give you space and weak-side rebounding
  • Utilize effective pressure release options against an aggressive defense

Handling Defensive Pressure

  • Learn drills to ensure that your players pass and protect the ball effectively
  • Learn the buildup drills that make Coach Rey’s teams the aggressor on offense and defense
  • Teach your players how to use the “neutral zone” to your advantage on offense or defense

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