New Football DVDs featuring the Wing-T Offense!

Paul Ingram has a tremendous history coaching the Wing-T Offense. His 2007-2010 teams combined for a stellar 50-2 record. In these Football DVDs he offers proven concepts and components for succeeding with the Wing-T Offense:

Winning with the Wing-T: Practice Organization and Conditioning 

  • Efficiently run a detailed Wing-T practice using proven concepts and components
  • Discover an effective way to teach your quarterback correct reads while saving precious practice time
  • Create blocking circuits for every type of play and player
  • See a functional training plan that will build speed, agility and quickness into your team – without an expensive weight room

Winning with the Wing-T: Game Planning and Play Calling

  • See a proven-successful method for in-game play calling for the Wing-T Offense
  • Make game time and half time adjustments a strength for you and your team
  • See how a strong side and quick side to your offensive line can help you call plays

Winning with the Wing-T: Creating Conflict for the Defense

  • Learn how to place the best defenders in assignment conflict using the Wing-T Offense
  • Learn how to develop your staff’s play calling ability and use their feedback to call better plays during the game
  • Scheme a variety of base plays to freeze your opponent’s feet and complimentary plays that will completely confuse any defense

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