Excellent Basketball Shooting & Conditioning Workouts!

Develop an individual and team workout routine to put yourself physically and mentally ahead of your competition with these two great Basketball DVDs featuring Justin Kittredge.  He is the founder of Shooting Touch Inc. and the World Record Holder of most free throws made in 2 minutes.  See what skills you can improve on with these two Basketball DVDs:

Individual Shooting & Conditioning Workout

  • Incorporate strength and basketball fundamentals work within the same workout
  • Sharpen your athletes focus as their bodies get fatigued
  • Give your player a goal/competitive system to use in their individual workouts

Team Shooting & Conditioning Workout

  • Enhance normal shooting drills by including strength & conditioning elements into each drill
  • Get a series of drills that benefit both post and perimeter players
  • Improve shooting on the move and set shots
  • Encourages competition and team building

Purchase the Justin Kittredge’s Demand Excellence Shooting and Conditioning Workout and save $10!

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