Create a Championship Caliber Wrestling Team!

Gain the concepts you need to take you and your team to another level with Nick Mitchell, Grand View University Head Coach.  He was a 2012 NAIA National Champions and the 2012 NAIA National Coach of the Year!  Incorporate anything you learn in these Wrestling DVDs into your practices:

Championship Practice Drills for Wrestling

  • Learn drills that will help you stay in good position late in a match
  • Defend shots and score off your opponent’s attack
  • Get shot-re-shot drills and train your wrestlers to be in position and anticipate their second attacks
  • Integrate drills that emphasize winning the battle on the edge of the mat
  • Learn mental drills to help team members focus and build a mental picture of victory

Short Offense: Scoring from the Front Headlock Position

  • Learn to defend and score off of your opponent’s single leg attack
  • Learn how to move your opponent down to the mat without sacrificing your legs and giving up good position
  • Score with a go-behind anywhere on the mat
  • Score from the front headlock position with the hands locked or unlocked
  • Get ideas for developing a successful plan and vision for your program in the short term and in the long run
  • Learn how to build a strong community tie to ensure support throughout the season
  • Features Nick Mitchell who started the Grand View wrestling program and won the 2012 NAIA National Championship four years later

If buy the Nick Mitchell 3-Pack, you will save $15!

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