Top Notch Techniques to Elevate Your High Jump!

Get insight from the all-time most winningest track & field coach in Big 12 history, Gary Pepin.  Coach Pepin has been the University Nebraska Track & Field Head Coach for 32 years.  He has the experience and knowledge to propel your athletes to the next level.  Take a look at some great exercises you can do to prepare for the high jump.

Once the take-off has been successfully executed, bar clearance becomes a matter of athlete perception and co-ordination. Coach Pepin shows you drills to help the athlete practice this, and how to execute properly over the bar actions.

Coach Pepin also teaches a number of drills to strengthen the athlete and to re-enforce the proper high jump technique.  This includes the circle drill and the figure eight drill.  All of these drills can be used either in the off-season or early in season to help develop your high jumpers!

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My son Ethan is a high jumper for UNK at Kearney. He has jumped 6′ 6″ outdoors and 6’5″ indoors. The last two meets he has NHs. If I sent videos of his next jumps, would you consider having someone or yourself evaluate them? Also, which videos wouLd you recommend from your series. Also, are there any clinics you would recommend?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Michael Epley

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