Great Training Tips to Add Distance to Your Long Jumps!

See some excellent drills that will increase the distance of your long jump with Kansas State University Director of Track & Field, Cliff Rovelto.  Coach Rovelto is also a 7x Team USA staff member and has his demonstrator show you various exercises using hurdles.  This information will help you improve your build up to the long jump take off and allow you to generate the most amount of force possible.

This clip begins with Mini Hurdle Drills.  You need to focus on getting your knees up high and your hands by the hips. Next, you will see Straight Leg Hops and Lateral Straight Leg Hops that allow you to work on applying quick force to the ground and increase hip strength.  Lastly, watch demonstration of Regular Hurdle Hops.  Make sure to bring your knees to the chest when jumping over the hurdle.

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