New AAU Basketball Series featuring Billy Donovan!

Billy Donovan, University of Florida Men’s Head Basketball Coach, delivers a unique opportunity for aspiring basketball players, parents and coaches. Now you can learn shooting and jumping mechanics and other developmental skills, all while building strong relationships with your team. ┬áSee what 2X NCAA Championship Coach, Billy Donovan, and his staff have to offer you in these world class Basketball DVDs:

AAU Basketball Skills Series: Shooting Technique and Workout Drills

  • Get coached by the 2010 John Wooden ‘Legend’s of Coaching’ award-winner
  • Correct your shooting mistakes and learn to shoot the ball accurately – even when you’re tired
  • Develop your shot off the dribble, off the catch and off of a pivot
  • Increase your playing time by becoming a great shooter!

AAU Basketball Skills Series: Billy Donovan’s Father and Son Workout

  • A great way to spend time with your son or daughter while helping them to develop the skills they need to be a successful basketball player
  • Discover challenging break down drills to develop shooting, defense, and ball handling
  • Learn simple shooting drills that will perfect form and improve range
  • Use combination drills to simultaneously improve ball handling skills and practice game shots at game speed

AAU Basketball Skills Series: Increasing Your Vertical Jump

  • Learn the exercises that will give you the biggest bang-for-your-buck to increase vertical jump and power output
  • Get a vertical jump training workout that Billy Donovan uses with his incoming freshman
  • Learn the correct techniques and form needed to safely execute each weight lifting and plyometric drill

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