Exceptional Escape Technique to Improve Any Wrestler!

Watch and learn from Mark Ironside who is a 4-Time All-American including two NCAA Titles.  Perform moves from the sit-back position that will allow you to escape from your opponent in various situations.


Begin to clear the hold by turning away (switching over) from the arm he has and scooting away to create space. Extend the arm he has at the same time.  From here, Ironside, first clears the hand on the wrist by popping the hand off hard with the opposite elbow. Next, switch back toward the captured arm, again straighten the arm and peel the hand with a cross hand push-secure that hand with your own 2 on 1 and post it to the mat. Post your other hand right next to your hip on the opposite side. Secure the escape with a hip heist. Always turn away from the posted hand.


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