World Class Instruction to Increase Power and Consistency!

Get advice from a former member of the Chinese National Volleyball Team.  Ping Cao use to be known as one of the best hitters in the world and he now is a Coach/Trainer for Texas Advantage Volleyball.  Watch and learn from his demonstration at the 2011 AVCA Clinic in San Antonio, Texas.  He will teach some great partner drills that will help you generate more power and become more consistent.

The hitting drills in this clip will help you develop better arm positioning and reaction time.  Be sure to follow through completely in order to create additional power on the hit.  Partner up to make practice more fun and interactive!

See how to improve your attack jump at the net.  Make sure you position the ball near your head that way you don’t have to reach too far and you can make solid contact with the ball.  Snap the wrist to prevent the ball from going long and out of bounds.

View an additional clip from the product page of “Hitting Technique: Drills and Cues for Developing Consistency.”  See what more AVCA Instructional DVDs and other Volleyball DVDs we have in our massive video library!

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