Excellent Drills to Make the Most of Practice!

Here we have some great drills to make you think and develop a sense of how to react to different situations.  Learn these topics from Cornell (IA) College Head Coach, Jeff Meeker.  You will be able to work on your ball control when attacking and setting up an attack.  These videos will show exercises that mainly involve spiking and setting the ball.

Check out this Shovel Drill that improves your focus on multiple items at once.  You will want to be able to make a split second decision on your hit based on what you see on each side of the shovel.  Selecting your shot and not completely losing track of the ball is an excellent ability to have.  Have the person holding the shovel eventually become a blocker to make shot placement more difficult for the attacker.

Take a look at this Finger Game Drill that works on perfecting setters.  You need to be aware of the vocal signals given here, so you can work on setting forward and backward.  Use your peripherals to your advantage and keep an eye of the ball and the players.

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