Lower Your Time with Exceptional Tips for Starts and Turns!

Get advice from Eddie Reese, who has collected 10 NCAA Championship team titles throughout his coaching career.  Watch the clip below to gain insight on top-notch starts and turns for the breaststroke.  These tips will help you put together a complete race and become an overall better swimmer.


For the turning portion of the stroke, make sure to look straight up at the ceiling during the turn.  Lead your arm drive forward with the arm that is relative to the side that your body turns.  For example, if your chest faces to the left, as you are making the turn, you will lead with your left arm.   Then follow this by driving the opposite hand by the ear.

It is important that with the start you dive in with your body as parallel as possible to the water.  Do not have a high or arcing trajectory to your start dive.

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