Exclusive Insight on Breaststroke from a 3X Olympic Head Coach!

Take a look at great tips from 3X Olympic Head Coach, Eddie Reese.  Here are some concepts to teach and enhance the proper technique of the stroke.  In this segment, you will see a couple more of Coach Reese’s favorite drills for breaststroke.  You will gain a complete understanding of how to put together your leg and arm movements for an improved breaststroke form.


Above is the 4 Pulls 2 Strokes Drill.  This drill works on the speed and timing of the arm pull, and allows the swimmer to add the full stroke with the fast pulls in a repetitive pattern.

This 4 Kicks 2 Pulls Drill is designed to help with the rhythm of the stroke.  It also develops better breath control and kicking all at the same time.

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