Top Notch New Basketball DVDs to Boost Your Team’s Record!

We have recently released 6 DVDs featuring 6 different basketball coaches.  These coaches will bring you a variety of topics that will improve your team’s skills in many different ways.  Take a look at these Basketball DVDs below:

Travis Ford: Individual Skill Work for Aggressive Offense

  • Make your practices more like game situations with these up-tempo drills
  • Learn new ways to teach essential skills
  • Reduce turnovers by utilizing drills that train your players to make better, quicker decisions
  • Build an aggressive mentality into your up-tempo offense

4-Out 1-In Attack and React Motion Offense

  • Combine the strengths of the Dribble Drive and the Read and React into one potent offense!
  • Tailor your offense to your team’s strengths and abilities without the use of set plays
  • Allow your entire team to function cohesively rather than one player trying to breakdown their man 1-on-1
  • Create an offense that is a simple or as complex as your team requires
Greg Kampe: Maximizing the Post in the Dribble Drive Offense

  • Learn four ways to incorporate your post players into the dribble drive motion offense
  • Get 5-on-5 full court and half court actions that demonstrate all actions within the DDM
  • Learn how to run the dribble drive without having five skilled ballhandlers on the floor
  • Effectively use the Dribble Drive offense against 2-3 zone defense
  • Use a pick and roll motion in the dribble drive offense
Quentin Hillsman: The 2-3 Zone Defense with Pressure Variations

  • Dictate the tempo of the game and force your opponent into turnovers with multiple defensive looks in both the half and full court game
  • Take away the shooter in any offensive scheme and make the offense beat you with players with less ability
  • Attack every sideline inbounds play utilizing a pressure defense, making every team you play fear your style of play
The Unpredictable Run and Jump Full Court Defense

  • Use lead up drills to teach and correct players while they learn the Run & Jump
  • Develop effective and simple terminology to help players react to various situations while learning the rules of the press
  • Identify the specific roles for your players based on strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn the best places and methods to trap using the Run & Jump
Champions Find a Way!

  • Create a positive and caring program environment that gets the most out of your players and gives them the courage to “put their foot in the circle”
  • Evaluate your personal coaching and teaching philosophy in order to visualize a bigger and better picture of your program and its values
  • Instill the championship attitude into your players – champions find a way


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