Outstanding Drills to Run Middle Distance Events Faster!

Watch and learn great drills that will improve middle distance runners.  Tom Green is a personal trainer with multiple years of experience working with high level college athletes.  In these two clips you will see track movement preparation drills and power development drills that will allow you to run faster for a longer period of time.

Prepare your body to run fast with the three drills shown in this clip.  The first of which is called Pogo Sprints.  You will bounce on the balls of your feet about 10 times and then sprint out several strides.  The next is called Push-Up to Acceleration.  Focus on leading with the power leg, which is the lead leg that would be in your starting block.  The last exercise is the Four Touch Mountain Climbers.  It is key to start and end the climber portion, before you sprint, with the power leg.  Make sure you don’t bounce too much and maintain steady hip height.

Take a look at a great power development activity, the Overhead Ball Throw.  Using a medicine ball, varying weights depending on the level of athlete, you want to use hips, knees, and ankles all in unison when throwing it.  Having these three areas work together will generate the most force on the ground. Try not to use your arms too much or to jump too much.


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