Learn the Ins and Outs of Softball with a 3x National Championship Coach!

Here you will see hours of great video that will show you how a top level softball team works with John Tschida, University of St. Thomas Head Coach.  Tschida has collected over 650 career wins and a 3x national championship coach.  These Softball DVDs will benefit you as a coach and an athlete!

All Access Indoor Softball Practice with John Tschida

  • Pick up indoor practice ideas and drills while watching three live indoor practices featuring 3x National Championship Coach John Tschida
  • Organize your practice in small groups to keep players constantly active and limit “standing around” time for your players
  • Learn to use various pieces of equipment (rubber bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, sleds, bungees) in your practice to develop power, explosiveness and timing using these aids
  • See how pre- and post-practice meetings and video analysis can greatly benefit your indoor softball practices

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