Excellent Approach Drills to Elevate Your High Jump!

The High Jump is often seen as one of the most technical events in the sport of track and field.  Gary Pepin, Head Track & Field Coach at the University of Nebraska has over 30 years of coaching experience and he quickly simplifies the event into approach, take-off and clearance and works to teach that same understanding to jumpers.

After teaching warm-up drills, Coach Pepin explains three different types of approaches; the Hook approach, generally used by beginners; the Flare, which most world-class athletes use; and the Common approach, which is suitable for most high school and college athletes.

Coach Pepin then explains how to measure the approach.  Basically using a 10 step approach, measure off your first step, to make sure it is consistent.  Then measure the jumper’s first five steps to their mid-mark, building speed.  After five steps your jumper will begin their curve to the bar, ending with a take-off point near the inside of the near standard.  The jumper must maintain speed and a proper take off form as the approach.


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