Exceptional Throwing Drills to Increase Your Distance!

With the Olympic Games this summer, many of your athletes probably watched track and field and dreamed of glory.  Brian Bedard (Colorado State University) and Casey Malone (two time Olympian) give you a chance to see how Olympians train and work in their World Class Discus Throw video.

Even Olympians don’t get things right each time and need coaching, and Coach Bedard and Malone give you insight into how to teach and correct the discus throw.Beginning with the standing throw, Coach Bedard stresses the importance of balance and proper positioning at the front of the ring and how to achieve that throwing position.

The discus throw has a series of components and positions, all of which must be correctly done in order for a successful throw.   But it also is one seamless motion that requires an appreciation of the full throw.  Coach Bedard and Casey Malone demonstrate the full throw motion, including how to properly approach the throw upon entering the ring, and demonstrate the balance position needed to make a successful throw.


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