New Wrestling DVDs to Prepare You for Future Meets!

Learn some nice ankle picks, cradles, and turns from Jason Borrelli, Stanford University Head Coach.  He is a former All American wrestler at Central Michigan and will provide you with the tools to bring your opponent to the mat more frequently.  See the great coaching points made in these Wrestling DVDs:

Ankle Picks and Set-ups

  • Learn how to attack both legs from one set-up to give your wrestlers more options on their feet and to beat better wrestlers
  • Learn numerous ways to finish a move depending on how your opponent reacts
  • Learn to solve several problems that occur while attempting ankle picks

Backhook Ride Series: Cradles and Turns

  • Become a dominant force from the top position
  • Pin more opponents using the variety of cradles available from the backhook ride
  • Learn to use pressure from the backhook to create more effective break downs
  • Discover how to handle common counters to the backhook ride so you cannot be denied

Order the Jason Borrelli 2-Pack and save $10!

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