New AAU Coaching Basketball Series featuring Sherri Coale!

We would like to present to you a new basketball coaching series in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union) and Sherri Coale.  She is the University of Oklahoma Head Women’s Basketball Coach and has led her team to 10 Big 12 Conference Championships.  You will be able to learn many different aspects for creating and developing a championship caliber team!  Check out this AAU Basketball DVD Series below:

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Building a Championship Program

  • Learn the five things your team needs to develop on a daily basis to be successful
  • Discover elements of practice planning that will ensure your team practices with purpose and achieves their season goals
  • Your team sends a message as they take the floor for a game – make sure it’s the message you want to send

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Full and Half Court Team Defense

  • See a basic break down of the essentials you need to run a variety of defensive systems
  • Learn build up drills that will help your players understand their responsibilities and roles within your defensive system
  • Learn how to defend an type of cutting and screening action that your opponent throws at you
  • Get full court trapping situations that will fluster your opponents and create turnovers

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Full and Half Court Team Offense

  • Learn a basic man-to-man continuity offense that will allow you to score from the post or the perimeter
  • Get a basic zone offense and set plays that will take advantage of skips and ball movement against a 2-3 zone defense
  • Discover sideline and baseline inbounds plays that will keep your opponent on their toes
  • Learn a simple press breaker that will give your players the confidence to beat the press

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Progressions for Building Your Shot

  • Discover an easy-to-follow shooting progression to teach or perfect your shot
  • Build your shot from the ground up to develop proper muscle memory and sustain your form
  • Become a more consistent free throw shooter

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Offensive Fundamentals

  • Create gaps in the defense that can be attacked for a score
  • Use screening to create multiple scoring opportunities off of one basic action
  • Ensure your dribble penetration is an asset and not a liability

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Post Player Skill Development

  • Learn effective post play techniques and tactics that will make your post players skilled athletes
  • Learn drills that teach post up fundamentals as well as different finishes at the basket
  • Get drills that develop post’s ability to post up or score in transition
  • Incorporate skill development drills that increase conditioning

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Perimeter Player Skill Development

  • Learn effective perimeter player workouts that will build ballhandling, passing and shooting skills
  • Make the most of your workout time with skill development drills that simultaneously improve conditioning

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